Recent announcements:

1) School Board Candidate Filing opens August 2nd. PEM has prepared an informational packet for all who may be interested in filing. Please click on the following link for a candidate filing information packet:

School Board Candidate Filing Information Packet

2) PEM announces a new webpage to aid parents in making various payments and purchases. The PEM Store page can be accessed by clicking on the District Store tab at the top of the PEM home page, or by going to Use the District Store to access and pay for the following:

• JMC Lunch & Student Fees
• Community Education Class Registration
• KidzClub Payments
• School Readiness & ECFE Payments
• Musical Tickets
• Activity Registration & Fees

From the District Store page, just click on the square of the item you need to access. 

3) To report an issue with a student Ipad, submit your issue or question via this link:
Report Technology Issue

PEM's IT Staff will typically respond within 2-4 hours, and certainly by the next school day.
PEM Comm. Resources
PEM Covid-19 Preparedness Plan:
PEM Covid-19 Preparedness Plan 2021-22 School Year

PEM District Testing:
District Testing Calendar
Parent/Guardian Guide and Refusal for Student Participation in Statewide Testing 

PEM Technology Issues:
Report Technology Issue

PEM's Return to School Plan / Guidance for 2020-2021:

 • Return to School Plan/Guidance Letter
 • Return to School Plan Formal Document
 • Return to School Plan FAQ
 • MDH Decision Tree for Schools
 • Student Transportation Safety for COVID 19
 • 2020-2021 Hybrid Calendar
 • Bluff Country School Bus Video: Keeping You Safe

Safe Schools Plan Update:
The current Safe Learning Plan of all grades being In-Person was fully implemented on February 16, 2021, and will remain in effect until all COVID-19 restrictions required for Minnesota Public Schools officially expire on or before June 30, 2021.

The 2021-2022 School Year will be fully In-Person without the option of Distance Learning unless mandated by the State of Minnesota at a later date (as of this update on 6-7-2021, that is not the case).

Public Input on Safe Learning Plan:
The public may provide input to help us improve our plan and procedures relating to response to COVID-19. We will review our plans periodically. We realize that although the COVID-19 pandemic is greatly improving, the situation is fluid and ever evolving, and if circumstances change, we may also need to adjust.

If you have any questions or input, you may provide this input via email prior to June 21, 2021, at

Other Documents of Importance for the PEM Community
 • Application for Educational Benefits (2020-21)

 • Community and Financial Resources
 • District Revenues and Expenses Budget

Distance Learning Links:
Click on the links below to access the PK-3 Distance Learning sites. For Grades 4-6, students should access Distance Learning through their Schoology accounts.

 • Kindergarten
 • 1st Grade
 • 2nd Grade
 • 3rd Grade
 • PK-3 PEAM (Phy-Ed, Arts, Music)
 • PK-3 Reading Fun with Mrs. Gusa and Mrs. Klavetter
 • PK-3 Speech
 • Mr. Mohs
 • School Readiness & ECFE
 • Student Health Services
 • Zoom Meeting Instructions for Students

The links below relate to PEM's Distance Learning Plans for our buildings and other related correspondence.

  • Grades 4-12 Distance Learning Plans
 • HS Online Readiness Checklist
 • PK-3 Special Education Distance Learning Plan
 • Video: How to Talk to Kids About the Coronavirus
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